Assignment Potsdam: Countdown To War by Charlie FitzGerald

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In the style of a classic spy thriller, Assignment Potsdam; Countdown To War brings to life one of the most dangerous times in world history-the Cold War.

It is 1961 and East German leader Walter Ulbricht has joined forces with the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) in a plan to assassinate Premier Khrushchev. The assassin, Sgt. Joseph Dutkanicz is a Polish-born member of the U.S. Army Intelligence Group stationed in Germany and trained by the CIA. At the same time, the IC plans to remove JFK by releasing documents and information about his ongoing affair with KGB spy Ellen Rometsch.

JFK had learned, prior to taking office that the IC was siphoning off thousands of barrels of Saudi oil being transported on U.S. Naval vessels under the authority of the Military Sea Transportation Services. The oil is being sold on the black market to the Soviets. The millions of dollars in this slush fund will be used to finance black bag operations, pay off members of Congress, and create a “deep state” that has no oversight. JFK has vowed to shut down this rogue government group.

Colonel Gerard “Mac” McDesmond, Chief of USMLM, has just assumed command and is suddenly thrust into a high-stakes game of espionage and deceit. His friend Soviet Marshal Konev needs help preventing the murder of Khrushchev and Mac needs to stop the CIA from removing the President. The answer may just lie in a secret microdot that one of five missing CIA operatives has surreptitiously turned over to an East German cop hunting a serial rapist. Can three unlikely allies work together and stop WW3?

In his debut book, author Charlie FitzGerald exposes an international conspiracy to remove two world leaders in a historically accurate work of fiction. Based on research from the CIA reading room and information gleaned from the author’s father and others who were behind the “Iron Curtain” this “inspired by real events” story is torn from the pages of recently released documents exposing the role of the CIA in the JFK assassination. An edge-of-your-seat spy thriller, Assignment Potsdam; Countdown To War will keep you on a roller coaster ride of spies, espionage, and murder, as you hurl yourself to the unbelievable finish.

“A Five Star Read”.


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