Christianity Vs. Islam!: A Badminton Match for the Ages! An Event Sponsored by the Heavenly Host to Discern the One True Faith by Andrew K. Hoffmann

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“Christianty Vs. Islam! A Badminton Match for the Ages! is an essential read if asking the question “What is the correct faith?” To begin, this work provides a serious scholarly contrast between the two great Abrahamic religions, which is then followed by an apocalyptic tale of fiction where God answers his “mail” (prayers from a Christian Muslim, and Atheist) as to which is the one true world view, as played out as a badminton match between the Earth’s best Christian Vs. Muslim badminton player! The Atheist position is not ignored, and comes from a spectator jeering from the crowd! The first half of the book entails a serious contrast between the two great Abrahamic faiths, detailing their theological positions, similarities and differences. A work of high moral authority vs. philosophic reasoning is thereafter presented (by the words and actions of the players), culminating in a climatic battle of reason, and interpretive scriptural fact checking against the ancient historical record. The “match” is close, with all the major issues discussed (from the mystery of Trinity, Forgiveness of Sin, Terrorism, Female rights, Apostasy, Persecution, Homosexuality, Drugs / Debauchery, to Western Secular Values) and so much more ! In an imagined return of Jesus Christ directly following the competition (as prophesied in the Book of Daniel), the true religion of the world is unveiled and the apocalypse is initiated to established a unified kingdom, under God. Unlike most books which un-evenhandedly criticize the Islamic position such that anyone who follows the Quran “must be a terrorist”, the present work (while still forcefully challenging Islam), also provides the typical “peaceful” responses offered from more Westernized liberal Muslims – who claim their religion, when taken in appropriate context, is perfectly moral, loving and peaceful. Find out who wins, and what Jesus has to say (will surprise you) ! The fate of Humanity is at stake! An Apocalyptic fantasy – a must read for those seeking the one true faith!
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Temporary free promotion of the Ebook for “Christianity Vs. Islam! A Badminton match for the Ages!” will be at in the first two weeks of March, 2023. For the paper back version go to or visit Amazon Books. Happy Reading!


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