MY SUCCESS IS YOUR SUCCESS: Questions, Reflections & Answers by Germain Decelles

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It is all about SUCCESS. If you want to grow and progress in your life as well as in your career, you obviously need to equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to be a proactive person in the face of threats and ready for the future, to achieve success. This book 404 page describes with a multitude of details how to improve your ability to reach your goals for success. Your motivation for using this book may be that you are looking for new ways to fulfill yourself in life. You may be 17 or 18 and want to explore ways to advance your career. Or maybe you’ll be retiring in a few years and can’t wait to help the next generation take over from you. Perhaps you are 40 years old and confronted by aggressive young colleagues and feel compelled to consider ways to deal with such situations. Or maybe you are 70 years old and want to leave a good impression by helping younger people face the challenges surrounding success by sharing your experiences. Success is the only part of our lives that we can achieve by what we do or don’t do.


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