THANK YOU FOR THE KISS: Will they ever let me go? by BETH JORDAN

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THANK YOU FOR THE KISS is a story which goes beyond a kiss, goes beyond our fragile selves. It reflects layers of ourselves that we are not aware of until provocative situations lead us to create a curiosity, that begins to scratch the surface and once the digging goes deeper, reveals a darkness, a dantesque inferno, which can trap and bind us to our own fears and vanity. Set in Cuba, where the culture and politics of the country over a span of 60 years has led some of its people to a state of desperation where any and everyone becomes an opportunity to escape the gilded cage of a paradise island, regardless of consequences of actions or morality. The protagonist of the story is a well-travelled woman, mindful and respectful of foreign cultures, who meets a local man, and is drawn into his family circle of smiling, charming people. Her usual cautious self finds her actions and decision making greatly altered. Whispers and warnings of ‘be careful’, ‘take care’, ‘cuidate’ follow her from the onset of her journey but she ignores all the warnings. Events takes all involved down an unexpected path to an ending which is shocking and devastating as real life often is, and totally unexpected for all involved.
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