The Lemurian Way, Remembering your essential nature by Lauren O. Thyme

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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Lauren O. Thyme (June 1, 2017)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 156 pages

Lauren O. Thyme and Sareya Orion have their own soul memories of Lemuria and created this book in partnership with Lemurian Elders. The Lemurian Elders, many of whom may be Ascended Masters, are a loving and gentle group of souls who advise and teach human beings the essential nature of the universe from their perspective in the spirit world. The Elders describe the harmonious life they experienced in Lemuria as a guidepost for human civilization today. They elaborate on the ease of Universal Laws and Wisdom as they lived it, knowledge as old as humanity. Pieces of knowledge have been explored extensively throughout time in myths, legends, archetypes, philosophy, world religions, and mystic thought. Information has issued forth from countless shamans, prophets, mystics, philosophers, poets, psychics, and recently by transpersonal psychologists, scientists, and physicists. However, the Elders’ intention is to complete our education: to present the entire body of knowledge, kept secret for ages, to prepare for the leap in planetary evolution. To accomplish that, they stimulate deep soul memories by presenting details of their society that encompass the order, logic, and harmony of the universe. They remind us to allow recognition, knowledge residing in individual souls, to just happen. They encourage us, not just to understand with our intellects, but to feel the wisdom in our bodies. Most importantly, the Elders quietly remind us that Universal Laws and Wisdom were initiated and put into motion by a loving Creator Source, so that everyone can live one’s essential nature of peace, harmony, love, and joy. “The Lemurian Way is a fascinating account of the Lemurian civilization and, more importantly, what it meant to be a Lemurian. Lauren O. Thyme, Storyteller, with the guidance of Lemurian Elders and the help of Sareya Orion, Library, has created a striking account of the customs, lifestyles, and harmonious community of people known as Lemurians. Lauren has done a masterful job of showing what life was like during this ancient civilization. If you feel drawn to Lemuria, or Mu, for whatever reason, and would like to know more, The Lemurian Way provides you with a truly wonderful understanding and awareness of the Lemurian civilization, and the glory that Lemuria was. And by exploring, studying, and remembering our distant past, we can better understand why we are here now.” — Andrew Lutts, Founder, Salem New Age Center “The Lemurian Way could be used as a guidebook for the new millennium.” — Alex Lumen, former art director, FATE magazine “Thanks for the awakening your book gave me.” – Roy Briggs, Nigeria You are loved so dearly in Turkey, Lauren. The Lemurian Way marked a pivotal moment in my awakening. Thank you for your being and sharing. The Lemurian Way is my bedside book, dear author. — Selin Mikaela Bolu, Turkey


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