Buck & The Boy by Marco Mcdewey

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Publisher:mark mcclelland
Publication date:02/09/2023
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When Dustin first runs into the scrawny but fierce Buck, little does he know what is in store for him. Follow along as Dustin spends his days fishing, hunting, biking, and making new friends. But what happens when his best friend is in danger? Can Dustin help him out without betraying his trust? Buck n the boy is a deeply affecting story of forming lasting friendships beyond first impressions, overcoming loss and hardship with the support of one’s trusted companions, forgiveness, and reconciliation. The tenderness at the heart of this story will leave you teary-eyed but with a smile on your face.
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This book is a great book to help kids deal with issues of bullying and faith and family, about overcoming loss and building trust in your friends and family and god.


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