POSTLUDE – Eve Not Adam by Andrew Man

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Act One: Ten Years in the Future. The Protagonist James, is now found in the year 2030 in a damaged house, in hot sunshine. He looks outside at a land of nothing but sand and starts to walk west towards the setting sun. When he reaches a gully, he sees he’s on an island, with a mile of water to a coastline of tall buildings glinting in the setting sunshine. Finding a damaged paddle board, he starts to cross the water towards the mainland. Reaching the shore, he hears the voice of Ben Romford; someone he knows from his past. Ben’s asking where James has been for the last ten years, but he doesn’t remember. All James knows is that Janet’s house on the Caribbean Island has been moved to an island off the coast of Portugal. Ben explains that the planet was hit by a comet that created massive waves of tsunamis, and flooded the coast and the local airport. He shows James a reverse engineered alien plane and takes him back to a RAF airfield outside London. Now read the complete POSTLUDE ebook on Kindle:


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