The Sundown of Life: Overcoming the Challenges and Reaping the Rewards of Caring For My Parents During Their Final Years by Sonia Weyers

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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Eudokima (July 7, 2022)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
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How in the world do you remain empowered as you contemplate the possibility of losing a loved one? Sooner or later, we will all face the end of life of a loved one. How do you go through that process in the most empowering way possible? Sonia found herself facing difficult situations while caring for her parents at the end of their lives. During this time, she learned to catch many rays of light before the sun went down. While her mom’s mental state declined and her dad went in for surgery after surgery, Sonia dared to speak her truth and listen to theirs, sincerely shared the lived experience with her parents, and slowly learned how to let go. Now she is here to guide you! Inside, you’ll discover: How to courageously face the truth – even when it is not what we want The importance of sincerely sharing – even when the truth is scary How to get the support you need – or as close as possible How to let go when needed – even if that is the hardest How to minimize your regrets – even if most people don’t. Part memoir, part self-help book. This book will help you to learn not only how to handle but also how to make the best of the sundown of life. Grab your copy of The Sundown of Life today!
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Reader Comments: “I couldn’t put this book down. Readers should find « The Sundown of Life » instructive and uplifting. I’m thankful to the author for addressing so forthrightly a neglected and almost forbidden subject.” “Sonia’s story of her parents end of life and how she handled it all were both mesmerizing and heartfelt! I couldn’t put it down as I cried, laughed and found all of the ways to use her example in my life. Thank you so much Sonia for your vulnerability and honesty to tell the whole truth of how it all played out.” “Sonia shares her personal experience in this beautifully written accounting of her experience supporting her parents in the last years of their lives. She shares the beauty and the brutal pain, acknowledging the complexity in all relationships and how they present themselves in the final hours. Through her authentic accounts we learn not only from the human side but from the expertise and brilliance of an experienced therapist. A must read for anyone looking to support themselves and their loved ones through these times.”


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